Contemporary, state-of-the-art design to complement residential and commercial spaces

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EarthFrost’s outdoor air conditioning units are made to withstand weather conditions and prevent rust

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We keep it simple. From choosing your preferred air conditioning solution to having it installed, the process should be as simple as that

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We will discuss your air conditioning needs and will provide the most efficient solution for your new or existing space

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Once you have made your choice and paperwork is complete, we confirm your installation appointment. It’s as simple as that

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Supplying and installing top quality air conditioners in Malta for home and office spaces

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Easy Installation

We understand that you may be busy and our goal is to provide you with the most efficient, time-saving installation possible. You will have your new state-of-the-art air conditioner installed in no time.

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5 Year Guarantee

We aim to provide you with top quality products each and every time, along with our highly reputable service. We offer a full 5 year guarantee period on your EarthFrost air conditioner, including guarantee parts, labour and compressor.

Remote Control and LED Temperature Display

Easy-to-use, sturdy remote control with clear functions for each of the 5 modes available, including LED display.

Designed For Low Noise Levels

Whether you need to focus or rest, our air conditioners are optimised for super silent noise levels, suitable for offices and bedrooms.

Ventilation System

EarthFrost’s inbuilt ventilation system works by circulating clean air into your space, reducing any environmental odours, mould and dust mites.

Innovative WiFi Solutions

Controlling your EarthFrost air conditioner remotely could not be any easier. WiFi-ready, simply download our app and adapt your AC to your liking.

A++ Energy Efficiency

Efficiency is our motto, and with EarthFrost, you can be certain that you are using the most efficient solutions for both cooling and heating.

Portable AC Options Available

Sometimes a portable air conditioner is all you need to make a Massive difference within a small room. Two options available: Cooling and Heating, or Cooling only.


We’ve compiled some of the most common questions we get below, if your question is not featured, get in touch and ask away

I don’t know if an EarthFrost air conditioner would fit in my room?

At EarthFrost, we have a variety of air conditioning models for various uses. We are able to schedule a visit to your premises to discuss your options and consider which EarthFrost model would be best suited in your home/office.

Does an EarthFrost air conditioner support both cooling and heating?

Yes, all of our residential air conditioners are capable of both cooling and heating functions. Our portable air conditioners have two options; either both cooling and heating, or only cooling.

What are the benefits of owning an EarthFrost air conditioner?

While temperature control is one of the main benefits with our air conditioners, a significant benefit includes clean ventilated air within your home. Air quality is important and our products help you to achieve a clean and healthy environment.

My previous air conditioner was too loud, how loud are EarthFrost ACs?

EarthFrost’s air conditioners have the following noise levels: At 9’000BTU 53 - 57dB, 12’000BTU 52 - 58dB, 18’000BTU 55- 61dB, 24’000BTU 59- 64dB.

What happens if my EarthFrost air conditioner is faulty?

We always aim to provide high quality products, however if you believe that the air conditioner you have purchased may be faulty, please get in touch as soon as possible. With every purchase from EarthFrost, our clients are given a full 5 year guarantee which would cover certain faults that are mentioned in the guarantee itself, excluding issues such as wear and tear. Kindly refer to information provided upon purchase.

How energy efficient are EarthFrost air conditioners?

EarthFrost prides itself on having an EER rating of A++ for both cooling and heating.

Are EarthFrost ACs certified?

Yes, our air conditioning products are certified by AHRI. The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute represents manufacturers of HVACR and water heating equipment, and is a globally recognised and industry respected certification.

Do the EarthFrost ACs include automatic leakage detection?

Yes, our ACs include a self-diagnosis error code which will appear marked on the indoor unit in the case of a leak happening.

Will my EarthFrost air conditioning system break if there is a power cut?

Our EarthFrost air conditioners include an auto-restart function in case of a power cut, hence it will simply turn off when the power cut happens, and automatically restart when the power is back on within your home.


From a small room to a large office, we have the air conditioning solution for you


9'000 BTU

12'000 BTU


18'000 BTU

24’000 BTU

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